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Anita’s special event for 2023

Want to set up your primary school for ongoing success in maths? This special two-day intensive conference is for you!

Following the success of Anita’s special event last year, it’s back by popular demand! This year, Anita has adapted the program to meet the needs of schools now that they are teaching from the new K–2 Mathematics Syllabus.

Send your team of current and aspiring leaders to learn together with Anita. They will be empowered with Anita’s strategies and ready-made tools to lead and transform teaching practice in maths at your primary school.

To support schools in implementing the new syllabus, this year Anita will include training in how to create scope and sequences for the new syllabus to suit your context and make differentiation easier for teachers.

If your School Improvement Plan is focussed on mathematics for 2024, then this is the event not to be missed!

Anita’s approach to the new NSW Mathematics K–6 Syllabus

What an exciting time it is with the roll out of the new NSW Mathematics K–6 Syllabus from 2023! The new syllabus provides a great opportunity for schools to focus on high quality teaching and learning in maths. Anita believes schools need a consistent whole-school approach to improve student understanding and achievement in maths. But she knows this can be hard to achieve in the complex setting of a primary school.

That’s why she will provide your team with her Primary Mathematics Framework (2022) and 360 Degree School Reflection Tool (2022) to assist you to transform maths at your school.

Combining a strong evidence base with Anita’s extensive experience in the classroom, the Framework and Reflection Tool describe:

  • the elements of high-quality teaching in maths
  • how your leadership team can best lead maths
  • the dispositions and practices needed for student growth.

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Anita Chin's Primary Mathematics Framework infographic

Empower a team to lead maths

As a team-based conference, this is your chance to create your maths leadership team! Anita believes a whole-school approach to maths is best led by a ‘Maths Crew’. A Maths Crew is made up of classroom teachers led by a school leader, and supported by the school executive team.

Who should attend?

Send a team of up to 8 educators – a mix of classroom teachers and school leaders representing each stage/grade K–6:

  • the Principal or Deputy Principal
  • AP Curriculum & Instruction
  • Assistant Principals
  • Current and aspiring maths leaders.

Ideally your maths leadership team will include:

  • Principal or Deputy Principal
  • AP Curriculum & Instruction
  • Assistant Principals
  • Aspiring and current maths leaders

7 sold-out conferences in a row!

Experience the excitement and energy of an Anita Chin team-based conference.

This special two-day event of intensive training does not involve multiple speakers – your team will spend the two days with Anita herself learning how to lead maths using her cohesive whole-school approach.

In 2022, leaders travelled from schools as far as Bega Valley, Queensland and regional NSW for an inspirational day of learning with Anita and left with an experience like no other!

Watch the video to see what an Anita Chin event is like.

What you will get

Every team member receives:

  • Anita Chin’s Primary Mathematics Framework (2022)
  • Anita Chin’s Ultimate Toolkit for Primary Maths Leaders – the ‘big orange folder’ packed with leadership tools and classroom-ready resources
  • 2 days of high intensity professional learning with Anita Chin
  • conference bag, morning tea and lunch.

Each school receives:

  • Anita’s 360º School Reflection Tool
  • a selection of Anita’s Accountability Tools
  • Anita’s exemplar K–2 scope and sequence documents for the new syllabus.

How does Anita create scope and sequence documents with schools?

Anita believes scope and sequence documents should tell teachers WHAT to teach in each week by stating the syllabus content dot points. Teachers then decide HOW they will teach that content to meet the needs of their students. With Anita’s approach, leaders can rest assured that every dot point K–6 is covered!

Anita works with schools to create scope and sequence documents to suit their context. They are grade-based but the order of content is aligned within each stage so that teachers in stage-based classes can focus on the same concept for the week and use differentiation to meet the needs of all learners in their classroom.

At this two-day event, Anita will train your team in her tried and tested approach to writing scope and sequence documents K–6 accounting for your school’s context and the various interruptions that are part of the reality of every primary school.

Grab tickets now, team details not required!

Anita knows that leadership roles and your teachers can change, so she has made it as easy as possible for you to secure your school’s spot at her special two-day event.

Getting your tickets is easy: details are only required for one person, a nominated ‘Team Organiser’ who will be attending the conference. You can pay by invoice or credit card.

Simply decide how many tickets your school needs, grab them now and go! Ticket sales close on Monday 31 July 2023 (T3 wk3).